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One Last Blast of School and then Back!

My short escape to NYC for some theatre is drawing to a close.  this was my one last trip before returning home and busting through the last month of teaching theatre – before returning here to spend a summer recharging my batteries.    The weather was sweet and cool, outdoor cafes were just beginning to open their doors, energy was building wth the Tonys a few weeks away.  It was a grand time to watch some theatre.  In June I will be bringing a group of 28 – primarily high schoolers for 10 days to see 14 shows – to introduce them to this magic.  This play thing could get to be vey addictive.  (duh!)

Snow Flurries Take Me Back to Florida

imagesThe Christmas break is over – extended it though I did.  Time has come to laminate all of my Playbill covers into “the collection.”  Now it’s school books instead of tickets.  But, I got what I came for:   a whole lot of inspiration, education, and a big dollop of humility.  Also – a side dish of gratitude.  I’ll be back in March for a week my myself – then in June I am bringing a group of 25 for 10 days to see 13 shows. I need to start shopping those tickets.  Till then please follow my rehearsal and teaching blog at


2016: The Best and Worst

unknownTHE BEST OF 2016

I would like to offer my list of the TOP TEN BEST PLAYS and the TOP FIVE WORST PLAYS that I saw in 2016.  This year I was able to take in 49 plays – and I assure you that my list is totally unlike ANY of the various people that review NYC theatre.  Please do click on the title of the following plays to read the full review

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