About Me

Michael J. HigginsI am living the good life! As a soon-to-be-retired theatre teacher from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida, I have been working on my addiction to theatre for well over 20 years – working of course to increase my addiction – – NOT to get well!

I have taught theatre in this art magnet high school for almost 20 wonderful years. I have rushed off to NYC every school break that I could muster up the plane fair and the damnable cost of a hotel. I would go on these jaunts of 4 or 5 shows and then sadly drag myself home.

Then, ten years or so ago, I created a Reading Club at my school that sat down after school every week to read/discuss a new contemporary play. After that year long commitment, we all bundled together on a cheap JetBlue flight and went to NYC for my famous 10 days-13 shows-staying at Park Central-eating cheap-walking everywhere weeks. That put a few plays under my belt but the addiction grew even stronger. It came down to either getting an actual condo in the city or going to rehab. And no one wants to go to rehab – really. Luckily it was just at that time that my wonderful husband of 18 years gifted me a sweet condo in Washington Heights. My addiction was complete. I was now beyond smoking, snorting, or swallowing my addiction to theatre. I was now shooting up directly! From theatre addict to total junky!

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