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All Good Things

All good things come to and end.  For the extended holiday break I was able to bank in a dozen shows – – from the awesomeness of Mark Rylance,  the beauty of The Band’s Visit to the dinner theatre of Party Face and the what-the-hell of Cardinal and all wonderful things in-between – not to mention some good ol’ nudity in a shower.  God is good.  Theatre is good.  NYC is good and cold.  And now its back to Florida to pay the bills and plan March!

The Best and Worst of 2017

unknownTHE BEST OF 2017

I would like to offer my list of the TOP TEN BEST PLAYS and the TOP FIVE WORST PLAYS that I saw in 2017.  This year I was able to take in 49 plays – and I assure you that my list is totally unlike ANY of the various people that review NYC theatre.  Please do click on the title of the following plays to read the full review:

10. The Play that Goes Wrong
9.  Farnelli and the King
8.  Oslo
7.  The Pipeline
6.  Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
5.  Oh, Hello on Broadway
4. Hello Dolly
3.  Doll’s House Part 2
2.  Come from Away
THE BEST I SAW THIS YEAR:  1. Wakey, Wakey

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

5. Present Laughter
4.  Gorey, The Secret Life of Edward
3. 1984
2.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

THE WORST I SAW THIS YEAR:  1. The End of Longing

Summer of 2017

Now it is back to school and back to teaching and making theatre myself.  As always I leave NYC inspired, energized and oh, so humble.  New York I will see you in a few months.  I heard secretly that my birthday plans include Hello Dolly – – but that is just a rumor.  You didn’t hear it from me.