Shows for Days

showfordays4.jpg__50000x390_q85_subsampling-2Shows for Days

starring Patti Lupone
written by Douglas Carter Beanie
directed by Jerry Zaks
Lincoln Center Theatre at the Mitzie E. Newhouse
June 21, 2015
Production website     💉💉 out of five.

Patti LuPone is the matriarch to a community theatre in the midwest. Does it get any betting then this?! Well perhaps. Shows for Days is all to familiar for any theatre geek. Don’t we all remember that first community theatre when we walked in totally in awe of the place and the beyond-over-the-top personalities and all of their sins of drinking, smoking and post-IHOP sleeping around. I so remember my first days in these broken down store front theatres! Also, remember that one matriarch that all worshiped and who gave her entire world to keep a troupe together and push out show after show after show fighting to keep money, personalities, and even the law at bay long enough to get the show on the boards. Continue reading Shows for Days