The Sound and the Fury

Sound Furty

The Sound and the Fury
text by William Faulkner
created and performed by Elevator Repair Service
directed by John Collins
Public Theatre
June 30, 2015

Production website.Β  Β  Β πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ Β out of 5. Β My brain hurts.

Wow! Expressionism simmer down! The theatre company Elevator Repair Service never to be blamed for making safe choices, is tackling The Sound and the Fury? Come on! Adapted for the opening section, the one told by the β€œidiot” β€” a man who had been β€œ3 years old for 30 years.” This incredibly dense play demands a reader’s patience as a character picks up an actual copy of the Faulkner novel and begins to read it – – and from the reading comes character – and from the character we going on an epic expressionistic roller coaster. Imagine expressionism through the eyes of a three your old child?! Continue reading The Sound and the Fury