The Qualms


The Qualms
written by Bruce Norris
directed by Pam MacKinnon
Playwrights Horizons
July 5, 2015

Production website     💉💉💉 out of 5.

I came in expecting to hate this play and simply found myself riveted. The plot is simple: four couples of varied sexual backgrounds get together in a beautiful beach home to have a swingers sex party! I was thinking I was going to hear a lot of provocative talk and some, if not a lot of deliciously gratuitous nudity. But, no! The sex party turned out to be as strained and mundane as you might imagine your parents would give. Yech! I get it. Condoms are thrown around as confetti but never used for their given purpose. Lots of sex talk resolved itself into talk of parking difficulties outside the beach home and thoughts on food delivery in the area. Continue reading The Qualms

The Beginnings of the Blog

The following fifteen play mini-reviews are from plays that I saw the summer of 2015 BEFORE I decided to create this journal of impressions.  I apologize for them being quite brief and void of any critical thinking or specifics.  Unfortunately, much of what went down in the play is now lost in the compost of my theatrical memories.  But I did want to come clean with the extent of my addiction (and this is for this summer only!) and perhaps let you know something of my bias and opinions.

June 5, 2015