At the Table


At the Table
produced by Fault Line Theatre
written and directed by Michael Perlman
Here Theatre
July 19, 2015
Production website     💉💉 out of five.

The off-off-off-off-off world of NYC theatre produces a one-of-a-kind experience – – a play done completely out of passion! At the Table tells the story of a group of mis-matched acquaintances agreeing to spend a few days out in the country away from their busy city lives. It came off a bit like an episode of Real Life – where MTV would place a small group of people in a confined space with obviously pre-chosen types that will collide in fights and fits of passion all for the delight of the audience. What I love about At the Table is the very close proximity of the audience. I was literally closer to the dining table then some of the characters AT the dinner party! Continue reading At the Table