All Good Things

All good things come to and end.  For the extended holiday break I was able to bank in a dozen shows – – from the awesomeness of Mark Rylance,  the beauty of The Band’s Visit to the dinner theatre of Party Face and the what-the-hell of Cardinal and all wonderful things in-between – not to mention some good ol’ nudity in a shower.  God is good.  Theatre is good.  NYC is good and cold.  And now its back to Florida to pay the bills and plan March!


Written by Greg Pierce
Directed by Kate Whoriskey
2nd Stage
January 14, 2018
Production website
💉 out of 5.

In all the plays in all the world – why would anyone chose to do this play?  I just don’t get it  I am not sure what someone in authority was about when they read this play and said, “This is what I need to commit valuable time and resources to.”  Why?  Why?  Why?  This was one of those plays that I sat in the middle of a full house and peeked out to my fellow audience members to see if anyone was getting more out of this play then I was – cause I wasn’t getting anything.  I was not interested in any of the characters or their struggles.  I didn’t believe them and certainly didn’t believe the “development” of the story. There wasn’t an ending moment (much less a climax) where everything came together except a gun shot that no one on stage seemed to care about and the concern on the freshness of hospital muffins. Continue reading Cardinal