Daniel’s Husband

Daniel’s Husband
Written by Michael McKeever
Directed by Joe Brancato
Primary Stages
April 15, 2017
Production website
๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’‰ out of 5.

I have figured out that the problem with gay plays is not a problem with the plays but is more a problem with me. ย There was a time in my twenties that I would have gone to see ANY production with ANYONE as long as it included a gay character. ย I was so fascinated to be with “my people” and see the stories that we could tell. ย I loved to watch men in these stories hold hands, snuggle, and dream together – – much less kiss. ย Being a gay play was more than enough to win my patronage!

And then the stories all became about AIDS and the ruthless damage done to a community that was just being gaining to wake up and reach for something clean and beautiful in the light. ย But that was gone. ย Loss and death and ostracization on page after page. ย  I was in the audience for each of these plays – almost overwhelmed with the grief. ย Then Angels in America lifted out of this gloom and doom theatre into a ย – – – well that part is not yet written.

Daniel’s Husband is not a very good play. ย It is a predictable “we don’t know what we got until it is taken away play.” ย The characters and dialogue are simple which is a blessing against all the “too gay” plays that do more making fun of gay men then shedding light on them. ย  Daniel’s Husband was like a really good Lifetime movie on stage – – but of course everything is better on stage as you sit only a few feet from them and you can feel them breathing. ย  ย The best scenes of all were between the primary couple when all the friends and relatives were gone. ย The way they sat and touched and flirted with the idea of a relationship and then later of a relationship going to marriage was really sweet, simple and moving. ย What I had wanted to see sooooooo many times as a young gay man was being told in such a free honest way.

I am confident that there will be another Angels in America to take gay literature to a next level – – but till then I need to just relax and let all of theย simple Lifetime movies play out with all male casts – – – which just makes my soul feel right.

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